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Our Mission

Serving a large community of individuals with disabilities, I’m|possible works to fulfill our mission by creating fun, age appropriate events for individuals with disabilities that encourage inclusion. Our I’m|possible – A night of Fashion, for instance, is an event where models with disabilities share the runway with their non-disabled model peers. It's an evening where all handicap labels are removed and replaced with only one -- Supermodel. The evening showcases high fashion from designers across the country. There are over 150 models walking and rolling proudly down the runway. Professional hair and makeup teams are on duty. Over a dozen photographers capture the special moments of the evening. Media coverage is also in attendance. At the center of it all, I'm|possible -- A Night of Fashion is a show about inclusion. It’s an event that allows us to do the following:

· Bring members of the fashion community together to work towards a common goal – proving that we’re all beautiful regardless of any physical or cognitive limitations.

· Bring people of all abilities together to allow us to better understand and appreciate each other.

· Bring people of all ages, races, sexual orientations and social classes together to prove that we’re all created equally.

· At I’m|possible Inc., diversity and inclusion is at the heart of all that we do.

I’m|possible Inc. was established as a 501(c)(3) by Kelly Melerine and Ryan Wilson to provide much needed age appropriate social events for individuals with disabilities. Too often we treat young adults with disabilities like toddlers or senior citizens. The truth is they want to do the same things as everybody else their age. At I’m|possible we work tirelessly to fulfill our mission of diversity and inclusion by doing one simple thing -- having fun. The organization’s founding partners were inspired to address the issue of social isolation when Kelly’s son Cade graduated high school. Cade attended a public school for individuals with disabilities. The sad thing is that once these young adults graduate there's not much else for them to do socially. Nothing age appropriate that is. Kelly and Ryan set out to change that.

The social events that we host directly contribute to addressing our community’s needs. These objectives include:

· Developing friendships

· Increasing social initiations, relationships and networks

· Creating peer role models to improve social and behavioral skills

· Increasing inclusion in future environments

· Creating a sense of pride and higher self-esteem

· Getting families more integrated into the community

· Increasing appreciation and acceptance of individual differences

· Increasing understanding and acceptance of diversity

· Developing respect for all people

At I’m|possible Inc., our mission continues to be guided by our founding principles of diversity and inclusion and most importantly – fun. Please take a moment to watch the below video clips:

· A little about I'm|possible --

· I'm|possible - A Night of Fashion --


Kelly Melerine and Ryan Wilson

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